IIAG Past Presidents - YAC Scholarship

IIAG can help fund your child's college education through the IIAG Past Presidents - YAC Scholarship.   The scholarship depends upon the field of study: $1000 or $1500 and is awarded annually to a student who is enrolled in a Georgia College or University in their freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior year.  Applications are due March 1 and awarded by April 1



The scholarship will be awarded annually to: 1) a dependent child of a full time employee of an IIAG member agency or a dependent child of the principal of an IIAG member agency when the principal is the sole agent or employee 2) who is enrolled as a full time student of a four year accredited public or private Georgia college or university.  The student is eligible for the scholarship for any field of study; however, if the student is an insurance or risk management major, the scholarship will be increased by $500. 




Lauren Mobley Awarded the 2014 IIAG Past Presidents – YAC Scholarship


Congratulations to Lauren Mobley, a junior at the University of West Georgia, who was awarded the 2014 IIAG Past Presidents – YAC Scholarship of $1000.  Lauren’s mother Tracy, also a college student- working towards her masters in accounting,  is an employee of IIAG member agency Garner & Glover Company in Rome. 

“Lauren has managed to maintain a stellar academic record while at the same time working her way through school,” says Mike Clark, IIAG Past President (Garner & Glover/Rome). “She is an exceptionally bright and talented young lady with the kind of work ethic that unfortunately is not all that common today.  This young lady is going to be successful in whatever career she pursues.”

A speech language pathology major, Lauren has a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and plans to continue her studies at West Georgia until she earns her master’s degree.  “ I look forward to the day that I can go into a school and help students struggling with speech disorders and give them the assistance needed to succeed,” said Lauren. “ I have always had a passion for children and helping them gives me so much enjoyment. I once saw a speech pathologist assisting a student and I knew at that moment, that is what I wanted to do. It is a very hard career choice, but I know that my dedication and drive will keep me motivated.”

“The scholarship committee found Lauren’s achievements exemplary,” says the Scholarship Committee Chairman, IIAG Immediate Past President Betsy Olson, (Rhodes Risk Advisors/Atlanta).  “We are very happy to award Lauren with this honor and wish her continued success in her academic and professional pursuits.”

Thank you to IIAG ‘s Scholarship Committee members for their work in selecting 2014 recipients: Chairman Betsy Olson, IIAG Immediate Past President;  Kelli Dean, CIC, Immediate Past YAC Chairman; Bob Monk, IIAG President (2012-2013) and member at large Dorothy Howell, Georgia 1752 Club. 

Lauren Mobley WEb.jpg

Pictured with Lauren Mobley is Aubie Knight, CIC, CRM, IIAG CEO and Tracy Mobley.

The IIAG Past Presidents – YAC Scholarship was established to recognize and encourage academic growth, to financially assist the dependents of IIAG member employees and to promote insurance as a career while recognizing the leadership and achievement of IIAG past presidents and The Young Agents Committee (YAC) of Georgia members. The scholarship is funded in portion by IIAG’s annual budget and from funds donated by past presidents and current agency principals and employees.