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Your Guide to Independence in 10 Steps

We're Here For Your Journey

Starting an independent insurance agency can seem like a daunting task without a roadmap.  By providing a guide compiled by our own industry leaders, IIAG strives to help make your path to independence smooth and your new agency a success.

IIAG makes it easy to embrace your independence. 

We can help deliver business to your agency, provide effective education, and provide access to national marketing tools.  Whether it's access to the industry's leading technical experts, superior Errors and Omissions coverage, leveraging the nation's leading consumer co-brand for agents, or making sure your voice is heard by legislators and regulators - the Big "I" Georgia is here for you.

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Roadmap to Independence


How to Get Started - Laying the Groundwork

 Establish a realistic timeline.  

Expect at least six months to arrange financing and two weeks to obtain E&O Insurance.

 Obtain qualified legal advice 

If you do not have an attorney, IIAG has a relationship with an attorney who can assist. We recommend selecting an attorney with experience in the insurance industry.


You will need start-up capital for things such as office space, furniture, computer equipment, Errors and Omissions Insurance and marketing. You will also need to consider an operations and/or trust account (a trust account for client premiums).

Step 1 Resources:

Office Supply Checklist

InsurBanc for Agencies

Start-Up Budget Worksheet

IIAG Recommended Attorney


Five Things Every Business Plan Should Address

In securing company contracts, a business plan will be critical. Your business plan should address the following:

I  People.

At its core, the fundamental value of an agency is in the capability of its people to execute its objectives.  Therefore, your business plan should include information about the people who are responsible to execute it.  At a minimum, include resumes of each of the key players that describe the professional and personal background relevant to the agency business as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities possessed by each.  For start-ups, not having a proven track record may inhibit your ability to attract prospective employees, customers and carriers.  To mitigate this uncertainty, include an explanation of who you know and how you may be recognized in the community and/or industry.

I  The Opportunity. 

A key to agency success and of interest to all current and potential stakeholders is how the agency plans to acquire customers, including competitors. This section should demonstrate that you know who your customer is, what your products and services are and how you will position your products and services over those of your competitors.

I  The Business Environment. 

Your business plan should demonstrate that you have a keen awareness of the external business environment in which you operate, that you understand its impact on your business prospects and how you will navigate and exploit it.  The discussion should encompass regulation, the economy, labor supply, customer markets, suppliers, competitors and in what way the status of these factors is relevant to the operation of your agency.

 The Risks. 

Many business plans, especially those that will be used outside the agency to attract stakeholders, often make the mistake of painting only a rosy picture; however, risk is inevitable. The best business plan readily identifies and confronts the risks to be faced. Potential stakeholders, especially prospective carriers, will develop confidence in those agencies that acknowledge the risks and provide strategies to resolve them.

The Numbers.

You need to have realistic expectations of where revenues will come from and when and how cash will be utilized. Insurance carriers will be interested in growth projections.  At a minimum, you should have a start-up budget, a cash flow forecast and a production forecast.

Step 2 Resources:

Business Plan Outline

Annual Production Calculator

Georgia Business Guide

Cash Flow Budget Worksheet


Licensing, Registration, Tax ID, etc. - Meeting Legal Criteria

 Choose an Entity.

There are three broad categories to investigate when determining your business organization: Sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporations.  While a sole proprietorship is the least expensive and easiest to create, it can carry a risk of personal liability for the owners. Taxes may also be a consideration. We recommend seeking legal and tax advice.

Click each resource to learn more!

Register a New Georgia Business

Federal Tax Info: Partnership

Federal Tax Info: Sole Proprietorship

Federal Tax Info: Limited Liability (LLC)

Federal Tax Info: Corporation

Find My GA E-Verify Number

I  Obtain Licenses.

You need to be licensed in order to sell insurance. You will be required to take a certain number of hours of training as well as sit for a licensing exam. In most states, you will need a license for each type of insurance that you wish sell. Pre-licensing, licensing and continuing education are state specific so if you intend to sell to clients in multiple states you will need to consider the requirements in each are you choose to do business in. The rules on the sale of insurance and consumer protection information can be found at National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Sole proprietorship, partnerships and corporations are required to obtain a resident insurance agency license.

I  Apply for Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Insurance companies will require you to obtain Errors and Omissions prior to appointments. Your business plan will be extremely helpful in securing E&O coverage because they will not have the history on the books to underwrite, so they will underwrite you, as the owner, and your goals for the agency. IIAG members have multiple options from A+ rated insurance companies. Additionally IIAG membership includes access to the E&O Guardian website, an exclusive comprehensive risk management website that includes practical information and tolls to help your agency avoid E&O claims and receive free consultation on best practices each quarter.

Step 3 Resources:

Update GA license graphic, America's Prof graphic, and maybe switch E&O seminar to E&O tools/E&O agency guide

GA Licensing Information

GA License Exam Prep

E&O Application

E&O Loss Control Seminar


Secure Direct Appointments with Insurance Companies as Well as Wholesale Relationships

Although direct appointments are ideal in the early stages, there may be a need to work with wholesalers as well as other indirect access points to insurers. You will want to prepare an appointment package which consist of copies of your agency license, producer licenses, E&O Declarations page, bank accounts (trust and operating), flood certification if applicable and voided checks.

IIAG members receive immediate exclusive access to Insurance companies through the following:

I  Independent Market Solutions (IMS).

IMS is an agent-centric market access program owned and operated by Big “I” State Associations that offers commercial and personal lines products with low volume commitments and offers a pathway to direct appointments with several insurance companies.

I  Big “I” Markets (BIM).

BIM a market access program owned and operated by Big “I” National Association that offers commercial and personal lines products with little to no volume commitments via Auto and Home Standard Markets and Eagle Agency. Additionally Big “I” Flood helps deliver members an unparalleled flood program.

 IIAG Partners in Progress.

The Partners in Progress Program was created for Insurance companies, wholesalers and vendors that wish to gain exposure to IIAG members and support the Association. IIAG Partners in Progress consists of over 100 companies, such as Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS, looking to help Georgia's independent insurance agents achieve more collectively that they can individually.

I  Market Aggregators. 

Market aggregators provide assistance to new agents in setting up their first agency office, access to otherwise unattainable markets and niche programs, the opportunity to obtain direct company appointments and a chance to share in the networks profitability.  In return, these networks usually ask agents to pay a percentage of commission, a membership fee, or require them to give up a small stake in the value of the book of business built up through the aggregator.  Be sure to review the contractual relationship with these entities carefully, especially as they relate to book ownership, commission or revenue sharing and exit costs.

Step 4 Resources:

IIAG Partners in Progress

Independent Market Solutions

Big "I" Markets

IIAG Member Market Access


Framework for the Necessary Business Processes 

Choosing an Agency Management System (AMS)

This can be critical in securing live time information from insurance companies and in servicing your clients. These systems may allow you to develop work flows to help with client renewals and live feeds to insurance companies all while updating applications and keeping your files current should a client contact the insurance company directly.

The costs for these systems can vary greatly as can the ability to customize for your specific needs. Agency management software can range can average in cost from less than $1,000 to around $5,000 for a startup operation with monthly fees of $60 to $600 depending on the number of users. You will find vendor comparisons for both hardware and software and checklist to be used in making your decision which will help maximize productivity and profitability.

During the implementation process you will be asked to set up a chart of accounts along with several other important structural divisions inside your Agency Management System. With this in mind you want to make sure the system fits your agency.  Should you need help with your chart of accounts, IIAG can help with a general template.

IIAG members receive discounts through Vertafore which provides insurance management systems built for your business. IIAG members also have exclusive access to Agents Council on Technology (ACT) which is an organization made up of independent agencies to offer resources in selecting the right Agency Management System.

I Workflow Procedures. 

One of the best ways to avoid a costly mistake is to create and develop a Policy and Procedures Manual for your agency.  A clear workflow agency process will help your new firm consistently handle renewals as well as policy changes and claims throughout the year. IIAG has partnered with The Moberg Group, a leading insurance agency consulting firm, to help agency members develop procedures according to Best Practices at no additional cost.

Step 5 Resources:

10 Reasons to Use an AMS

The Moberg Group

Agents Council on Technology

Tech Benefits for IIAG Members


Use the Internet and Social Media to Enhance Your Agency's Visibility to Others

 Developing a Website.

Creating a website will be your launching point to reach consumers, tell your unique story and highlight the value of your agency.

IIAG has recommended vendors and discounts for logo design, website development, and hosting through Trusted Choice Preferred Vendors.

Should you already have a website, IIAG members receive a free Digital Review from Trusted Choice, which provides a one-on-one consultation and detailed report on how you can improve your existing website and social media outlets.

I Marketing. 

Establishing a plan that incorporates social media and digital advertising will enhance your agency’s visibility in your local community.

Trusted Choice is the National Brand for Independent Agents. Trusted Choice can help amplify your local marketing and gain access to referrals by offering a variety of logo options, campaigns and as an added bonus Trusted Choice will reimburse a portion of your marketing expenses for co-branding!

I Referrals & Leads. 

IIAG members receive a free profile on where consumers can search for local independent agents in their area and begin the online quoting process, which can drive additional business to your agency.

Step 6 Resources:

Member Marketing Resources

Trusted Choice Marketing Referrals

Preferred Tech Vendors


Obtain Additional Training Technical, Management, and Industry

Licensees in Georgia must complete 12 hours of CE every two years in the line for which the license is held with at least 1 hour in ethics. (Licensees holding multiple authorities Life & Health and Property & Casualty must complete 24 total hours with 50% of the hours in Life & Health and 50% of the hours in Property & Casualty courses -- this must include 2 hours of Ethics training).  Credit earned from general courses is acceptable in meeting Life & Health or Property & Casualty requirements.

I IIAG Training & Education.

IIAG offers our members an opportunity not only to complete these required hours, but also to obtain professional designations in the process. Members can attend our free CE webinars, receive discounts on designations & education, and receive exclusive education opportunities.

Step 7 Resources:

New Agent Training


Insurance Licensing

Virtual University


Hire and Train Your Dream Team

Whether it is inside service staff or sales staff, your reputation will only be as good as your people and IIAG has resources to help.

I Recruiting and Hiring.

Click each resource to learn more!

edit photos, do we have partner link for omnia?

Big "I" Hires:  Hiring Tools & HR Resources

WAHVE:  Remote Employee Staffing

Omnia:  Hiring & Staff Development Tools

Talogy (Caliper): Hiring Assessments

Employment Contract: ???

IIAG Job Board: Hire Your Dream Team

I Training and Managing.

Click the resource to learn more!

Step 8 Resources:

Sales Call Reluctance Training

Customer Service Phone Training


Developing the Relationships you need to be Successful 

I Attend an IIAG Event and get involved. 

Agency members who attend IIAG events cite the relationships that they've built with mentors, carriers, and other Big "I" partners as some of the most important connections they've made in their career.

I Identify and attend local events in your community. 

This can be done in a variety of ways: through membership in your local Chamber of Commerce, by joining a civic organization such as Rotary or Jaycees or by becoming active in your place of worship.

Local Chamber of Commerce

Rotary Club

IIAG Event Calendar

Local Networking Events


Your Partner in Success

Membership in the Georgia Association of Insurance Agents offers the new agent not only access to Errors and Omissions coverage, Association Benefits Plan, Market Access Programs, Political Advocacy, and a variety of other member benefits and services, but it also makes you a part of a family of other Independent Agents throughout the state.

I About Us. 

IIAG has been the leading Independent Insurance Association in the state of Georgia since 1897. With over 500 agencies, including 4,000 members, and over 150 partners, we understand the the unique challenges faced by independent agents and the carriers that service them.

I Member Benefits. 

Free & Discounted Education & Training


Insurance for Your Agency: E&O, Benefits, & More


Insurance for Your Clients: Market Access to Carriers


Events & Networking


Advocacy: Locally & Nationally We Fight To Better Our Industry

Tech Tools & Discounts


Legal Services


Marketing & Branding Resources


HR Tools: Job Boards, Staff Onboarding, and More



Your Partner in Success

Membership in the Georgia Association of Insurance Agents offers the new agent not only access to Errors and Omissions coverage, Association Benefits Plan, Market Access Programs, Political Advocacy, and a variety of other member benefits and services, but it also makes you a part of a family of other Independent Agents throughout the state.

I About Us. 

IIAG has been the leading Independent Insurance Association in the state of Georgia since 1897. With over 500 agencies, including 4,000 members, and over 150 partners, we understand the the unique challenges faced by independent agents and the carriers that service them.

I Memberships start as low as $49 per month and varies by employer count.. 

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