Virtual University

IAG members have access to our online resource of insurance, business and technology articles as well as sample ISO forms, white papers and other information on issues affecting today's insurance marketplace.


Members using the Big "I" University sometimes need answers to questions that they can't find in the Research Library. In such instances, we have a volunteer faculty of experts who can usually answer, or find an answer, to your questions.  Ask an Expert is perhaps the best feature of the Big 'I' Virtual University. It is for members that are looking for specific information they can't find in the Research Library or Student Lounge.

Be sure to read the DISCLAIMER page to understand the questions that the experts are unable to address.

VIrtual University is also home to a host of other Agency Management resources. These include general insurance articles you can share with your clients and prospects as well as talent recruitment and development resources as well.

Other featured resources include:

Certificates of Insurance Resources

Perpetuation Resources

VU Consumer Articles

Is Insurance a Commodity Resources

Non CE webinars 

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