Partner Benefits

The IIAG partnership program can increase your company's visibility

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IIAG partnership program runs from January 1 - December 31 annually and is available to insurance companies, MGA's, wholesalers, premium finance companies, and other vendors who want to work with independent agents and help the association provide quality products and services to our members year-round. 

Our program is centered around five pillars: Success, Suppor, Access, Value and Marketing.​ By becoming a Partner in Progress, you will be able to meet our member agents at IIAG and Young Agents events, as well as increase your exposure through a robust marketing and advertising program. We've recently surveyed our partners and have built our program around their most important needs making this a truly mutually beneficial relationship. 

  • SUCCESS: By making a Partners in Progress pledge, your company is helping to perpetuate your agency sales force and the Independent agency system. 
  •  SUPPORT: Partners in Progress help support IIAG’s extensive legislative and regulatory activitites, keeping the insurance climate in Georgia favorable. 
  • ​ ACCESS: Only Partners are invited to attend all IIAG and YAC events throughout the year, including IIAG’s Annual Meeting, Convention & Tradeshow and YAC Annual Conference.
  • VALUE: Partners have the ability to meet with hundreds of agents and agency principals at our meetings, reducing time and numerous expenses associated with individual agency visits.
  •  MARKETING: Partners in Progress receive robust marketing and advertising support from IIAG through a series of print, electronic and display advertising.​​