Political Action Committees

How Do IPAC and InsurPac Benefit My Business?

Whether you are an agency Principal, Producer, Marketer, or support staff politics directly impacts your bottom line.  Our political action committees have helped us accomplish numerous legislative victories at the state and federal levels such as:


  • Established uniformity for Certificates of Insurance (State)
  • Defeated E-Discovery Bill That Could Drive Up Legal Costs for Business Owners (State)
  • Extended the National Flood Insurance Program (National)
  • Passed Agent Licensing Reform (National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers) (National)
  • Reauthorized Terrorism Risk Insurance Program After Lapse (National)




As Independent Agents, we maximize our political power through our Political Action Committee (InsurPAC), the largest property-casualty insurance PAC in the nation. InsurPAC raises voluntary funds from Independent Agents and their staff and uses those funds to help elect candidates for public office who share our views on issues that affect our industry and shape our communities. By supporting the campaigns of candidates who understand your business, InsurPAC ensures that your interests are represented when laws and regulations are being enacted. The relationships created by InsurPAC ensure the Big "I" has a seat at the table when elected officials make decisions regarding your business.  


InsurPAC is an insurance policy for our industry!

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Georgia IPAC

IIAG administers Georgia IPAC, the Independent Agents of Georgia Political Action Committee. Member agencies have built the largest P & C PAC in Georgia which supports pro-business candidates for the House of Representatives, the Senate, and selected statewide races.  IIAG members contribute to Georgia IPAC with their annual association dues.  The relationships created by Georgia IPAC ensure the Big "I" has a seat at the table when elected officials make decisions at the State Capitol regarding your business.