About IIAG

The Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia (IIAG) is devoted to the advancement of independent insurance agents and professionalism within the industry, offering unparalledled opportunities and unrelenting advocacy for agents at home and in Washington, D.C.
With IIAG membership, hundreds of independent insurance agents have benefited from a strong alliance with their peers and partnerships with the industry's leading companies.  IIAG members are the leaders in the industry.  They are the model of professionalism, the experts, and the innovative.
We invite you to discover the many reasons why agents and agencies choose the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia above other professional insurance organizations.

IIAG has a membership of over 500 agencies, including branches, and 4,200 insurance professionals in Georgia. With over 100 years of coalition and dedication, IIAG promotes the common business interests of independent agents within the industry, before government and the public, consistent with the best interests of the insurance-buying public.
IIAG has been recognized with numerous awards for outstanding achievement in education, communications, governmental affairs, civic contributions, and consumer services.  The level of excellence IIAG offers its members is unsurpassed.
IIAG's lobbyist is well known and respected at the State Capitol.  John Barbour's years of experience in legislative affairs makes a difference for member agencies.  John knows the people, he knows the process, and he knows the issues
Among the property and casualty interests in Georgia, IIAG has the largest political action committee. In fact, Georgia IPAC is twice the size of the second largest P&C PAC, and 15 times larger than the next largest P&C agents’ PAC.
IIAG has a strong grass roots network. We have members in virtually every Georgia community. They are active members of their communities and are known as community leaders by the legislators. When IIAG members talk, Georgia’s policy makers listen. In addition, nine members of IIAG serve in the House and Senate.
IIAG is an affiliate of The Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA), a potent force in national politics. IIABA provides numerous services to its state affiliates and to its individual members.
Every year IIABA has a tremendous convention and trade show; attended by industry leaders from all over the United States. Every month, IIABA publishes an award-winning magazine. Every day, IIABA has a team of lobbyists working for you in Washington, not monitoring events but shaping them.
IIABA has market access programs to help small agencies prosper. IIABA has a first-rate legal team to review company contracts. IIABA has a bank. IIABA has begun a branding initiative, to make Trusted Choice the brand people think of when they seek insurance or other financial services.