IIAG Code of Ethics

I believe in the insurance business and its future, and that the independent insurance agent is the instrument through which insurance reaches its maximum benefit to society and attains its most effective distribution.

I will do my part to uphold and build the independent agency system which has developed insurance to its present fundamental place in the economic fabric of our nation. To my fellow members of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, I pledge myself always to support right principles and oppose bad practices in business.

I believe that these three have their distinct rights in our business: fi rst, the Public; second, the Insurance Companies; and third, the Independent Insurance Agents, and that the rights of the Public are paramount.
To the public:
I regard the insurance business as an honorable occupation and believe that it affords me a distinct opportunity to serve society.
I will strive to render the full measure of service that would be expected from an Independent Insurance Agent.
I will analyze the insurance needs of my clients, and to the best of my ability, recommend the coverage to suit those needs.
I will endeavor to provide the public with a better understanding of insurance.
I will work with the national, state, and local authorities to heighten safety and reduce loss in my community.
I will take an active part in recognized civic, charitable, and philanthropic movements that contribute to the public good of my community.

To the companies:
I will respect the authority vested in me to act on their behalf. I will use care them with the fullest creditable information for
effective underwriting, nor will I withhold information that may be detrimental to my companies' sound risk taking.
I will expect my companies to give me the same fair treatment that I give to them.

To fellow members:
I pledge myself to maintain friendly relations with other agencies in my community. I will compete with them on an honorable and fair basis, make no false statements, nor any misrepresentation or omission facts.
I will adhere to a strict observance of all insurance laws relative to the conduct of my business.
I will work with my fellow Independent Insurance Agents for the betterment of the insurance business.
Realizing at all times seek to elevate the standards of my occupation by governing all my business and community relations in accordance with the provisions of this Code and by inspiring others to do likewise.