Free Legal Program

IIAG frequently receives inquiries from members seeking advice that requires the assistance of legal counsel.  The services of the Association's law firm are available to members, on a limited basis, at no cost.
The Free Legal Service program is a legal consultation service provided, without charge, to Association members by the Association’s attorney, Mark G. Burnette, who is with the law firm of Joyner & Burnette, P.C.  Member agencies are entitled to consult directly by telephone with Mr. Burnette for up to 30 minutes each calendar quarter.  Additionally, Mr. Burnette is available to handle legal work for members of the Association at his standard rates, which include both flat fee and hourly rates depending on the work to be done.
When using the Free Legal Service program, members should call Mr. Burnette direct at 800-IIAG911 (442-4911) or 404-638-5891.  If he is unavailable when the call is made, leave him a voice mail and he will return the call as soon as he is able to do so.  For those members who prefer to use E-mail, questions can be E-mailed to Mr. Burnette at
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Mark G. Burnette
Joyner & Burnette, P.C.

Decatur, Georgia


Mr. Burnette has also created a blog that focuses on news and information of interest to insurance agencies and agents and provides a place for persons who are looking to buy or sell an agency or a book of business or find an employee or a new position to post information about their situation.  The blog is known as Georgia Agency Resource and can be found at


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