Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS (Georgia Agents Management Services)

GAMS is IIAG's for-profit entity providing agency services such as E&O coverage, market access, etc.

Does your agency need access to a top-notch national carrier for personal lines?  Is your agency unable to meet the giant premium volume expectations that many carriers currently have?  Do you know your agency can produce good business if given the right opportunity? 


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then consider the GAMS MAP!

  • access to full line of Safeco Insurance Company's personal lines products
  • minimal premium volume commitments
  • profit sharing
  • retain full ownership of all the business placed in the program 
  • 100% of the retail commission paid by Safeco (17% new and 10% renewal on auto; 15% new and renewal on homeowners).

 ABOUT THE Safeco Market Access Program

The Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia, Inc., through its wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary, Georgia Agency Management Services, has entered into an agreement with Safeco to provide a way to allow our smaller member agencies to write multi-line personal lines insurance through Safeco without having to get a direct appointment.   This is important for our members, as direct appointments required a higher threshold than most of our smaller members could achieve. 



Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS FAQs

Where is this program available?


Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS is currently available throughout Georgia  with the exception of the following counties: Camden, Chatham,  Glynn, Liberty, and McIntosh.


How do I participate?


Review the basic requirements for Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS Membership.  Complete the Submission checklist.  Email the completed kit with 

Ashley Bryant, 

Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS

Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia

4555 Mansell Rd., SSuite 300

Alpharetta, GA 30022

770-458-0093 ext. 110

Once we receive and approve your information, we forward the paperwork to Safeco New Agency Administration Division.  The new agency appointment process takes approximately 5 to 6 weeks.


Is there a volume requirement?


Yes, the Agency is required to write six (6) new pieces of business a month until a premium volume of $50,000 is obtained.  Agencies failing to meet the required policy count for twelve (12) consecutive months will be terminated from the program by Safeco, at their sole discretion.


How do I rate policies?


Safeco provides portal access to their online policy maintenance system which allows you to prepare quotations, check billing and claims activity, calculate property replacement cost and perform daily policy maintenance.


Will I have binding authority?


Yes, as long as you are within the underwriting rules.  Accurate, complete ChoicePoint Reports are required on all risk, prior to binding.


What is ChoicePoint Underwriting?


ChoicePoint provides on-line Insurance Scoring, Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRS) and C.L.U.E.  Reports.   Safeco underwriting is based not only on the traditional methods of losses and motor vehicle activity, but also on financial stability.  The tool grants immediate underwriting information and the ability to bind a risk.  There is no charge for this service.


ChoicePoint Links is a web enabled delivery system that provides you with instant access to property and casualty risk information.  It offers C.L.U.E Auto, C.L.U.E Property and Real Property Reports, Motor Vehicle Reports and Insurance Financial Scoring.  There is an online tutorial and as always we at GAMS/Safeco are just a call away.



How will I be paid my commissions?


Commissions are paid monthly directly from Safeco.


Do I own my policies?


Yes, there is no hidden buyback.


When may I begin writing business?


You may begin to write business after you receive a Safeco Producer Code and have attended a “Welcome to Safeco Orientation”.   While you wait, please take a look at the Safeco website, to familiarize yourself with the products and services offered.


Who do I call for underwriting issues?


Safeco assigns you a dedicated underwriter.


Who do I call for customer service issues?


You will be performing most of the customer service in your office.  For issues outside your scope and billing, there is a 1-800 customer service team.


Can I use as a sales tool Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?


Yes, we encourage the use of EFT.  It is a great sales tool and proven to improve policy retention.


Market Access


The Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS is currently underwritten by Safeco Property Casualty.  You will have access to their complete menu of Personal Lines products.




You are required to maintain complete information on each Safeco policyholder in your office.  Periodic file audits are performed.  You must be able to produce completed signed applications, completed signed State Specific forms (where applicable), replacement cost estimators, good student, senior driver, alarm certificates and all other pertinent documents.




Safeco pays commissions monthly.   Your agency will receive 100% of the commission received from Safeco.  Commission levels vary by product line.  If the policy paid on installments, your commission will be paid on each installment, as received by Safeco.


Ownership of Expirations 


You retain ownership of all the business you place through GAMS MAP. 


Graduation Criteria 


Agencies will have the opportunity to “graduate” to a direct contract with the Safeco when they meet the following criteria:

  • $300,000 in written premium with Safeco under the GAMS MAP
  • Three years participation writing business through the GAMS MAP
  • Maintaining an acceptable loss ratio to Safeco, having good business practices and good profitability



Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS  AGENT APPOINTMENT CRITERIA



  1. Agent(s) must hold current Property and Casualty Agent license(s). (Copy(s) must be included in the mailing)
  1. Agency must hold a current license. (Copy must be included in the mailing)
  1. Agency must be a member, in good standing, of their State Independent Insurance Agent Association. Membership must be maintained throughout program participation.
  1. Agency must maintain an Error and Omissions Policy with a minimum limit of $1,000,000. (Copy must be included in the mailing)
  1. Agency must provide its most recent full year income statement and balance sheets.
  1. Agent must have a minimum of one year experience working with a personal lines or multi-lines carrier.  For new agencies, experience can be from working at another independent or captive agency.
  1. Agency (or agent) with 3 or more years experience must provide a three-year Automobile loss ratio of less than 56% and three-year Homeowner loss ratio less than 56%.  (Copies of loss ratios must be included in the mailing) Feel free to provide any additional information needed to explain “shock losses”.
  2. Commitment to a minimum of 6 pieces of new business; either auto or homeowners, per month.

All qualifications are subject to change at the discretion of GAMS or insurance company partner.



Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS 
Acord Producer Background.pdfAcord Producer Background.pdfAcord Producer Background (PDF)
Network-Franchise Sub Appointment Application April 2013.pdfNetwork-Franchise Sub Appointment Application April 2013.pdf

Contact IIAG Member Services Coordinator Ashley Bryant for assistance 1-800-878-6487 ext. 110 or 

Safeco Market Access Program through GAMS

Individual Disclosure Authorization.pdfIndividual Disclosure Authorization.pdf


Acord Producer Background.pdfAcord Producer Background.pdfAcord Producer Background (PDF)

Network-Franchise Sub Appointment Application April 2013.pdfNetwork-Franchise Sub Appointment Application April 2013.pdf

Contact IIAG Member Services Administrator Ashley Bryant for assistance 1-800-878-6487 ext. 110 or