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Best Practices

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Best Practices Study

Compare with the top agencies across the country

The Big "I" Best Practices Study follows high-performing agencies in six revenue categories to offer other agencies insight into their operations, and those agencies that implement Best Practices philosophies create more revenue and make better partners for the carriers they represent.

What is Best Practices?

Since 1993, The Best Practices Survey is conducted by Reagan Consulting​ and the Big "I" as a joint initiative and analyzes the performance of the nation's leading agencies to uncover the methods, procedures, techniques, strategies, and business practices they use to achieve superior results.

The Study also establishes benchmarks against which agency performance can be measured and offers guidelines on how to use the study as a tool to help improve operations and maximize potential.

View Full List of 2023 Best Practices Agencies

Blanton & Griffin Insurance

Galis Stewart Insurance

Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers

Legacy Risk Solutions

MAI Risk Advisors

Oakbridge Insurance

Palmer & Cay

Siegel Insurance

Sterling Seacrest Pritchard

Turner & Associates Insurance

Watson & Knox

Best Practice Tools

Best Practices Study

Identify benchmarks and plan for agency growth

Best Practices Webinars

Bring the concepts to life with quick breakdown videos

Grow Your Agency

Find out how your agency can become a Best Practices Agency

Comparison Workbook

Compare your year-end results to Best Practices Agencies

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