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Your Guide to Independence in 10 Steps

We're Here For Your Journey

Starting an independent insurance agency can seem like a daunting task without a roadmap.  By providing a guide compiled by our own industry leaders, IIAG strives to help make your path to independence smooth and your new agency a success.

IIAG makes it easy to embrace your independence. 

We can help deliver business to your agency, provide effective education, and provide access to national marketing tools.  Whether it's access to the industry's leading technical experts, superior Errors and Omissions coverage, leveraging the nation's leading consumer co-brand for agents, or making sure your voice is heard by legislators and regulators - the Big "I" Georgia is here for you.

Meet Our Member Services Coordinator

Ashley Bryant

Member Services Coordinator

(770) 458-0093 ext. 110

Roadmap to Independence

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