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Why do we have coalition, umbrella, flood, with their own pages and not others from Big I Market?

Does Big I Markets need its own section to discuss what it does (coalition, umbrella, flood)?

If we put them all on one page how do we structure it?

If we put them all on one page, do we also have the links in menu for old pages or remove them so they have to come to this page and then click to go to that page? Pro: less clutter and confusion on menu Con: more clicks for members to get to where they need







IIAG Members now have access to Coalition's powerful cyber and technology errors & omissions insurance through Big "I" Markets.

Introducing the first solution for cyber risk. Comprehensive insurance coverage and free cyber security tools to protect your client’s business. From sole proprietors to multimillion dollar corporations, Coalition is the cyber market solution you’ve been waiting for!

Coalition provides world-class technical know-how to help prevent, mitigate, and respond to cyber incidents. Coalition is the first insurance-enabled technology firm built to help businesses before, during, and after a cyber incident.

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Product Highlights:

No Minimum Premium

  • Quote limits as low as $25,000 or as high as $15,000,000

Quote & Bind in Minutes!

  • Simple 8 Question Application
  • Free Cyber Risk Assessment included with each quote
  • Bulk Quoting available for 50+ risks: Name, Address, Website, Industry & Revenues needed, that’s it!
  • Work directly with the underwriters

Admitted & Non-Admitted Availability

  • One-Stop-Shop for standard and non-standard risks

Comprehensive & Unique Industry First Coverages

Broad Underwriting Appetite

  • U.S. companies with under $1B in revenue/gross profits
  • Only 5 Ineligible risks: Adult Entertainment, Casinos ,Payment Processors, Data Aggregators and Cannabis growers & sellers

Free Breach Response Services – An industry first!

  • Coalition’s in-house risk mitigation services to assist policyholders when facing an incident or potential incident.
  • Outside the limits
  • $0 retention

Free Cybersecurity Monitoring, Alerts, and Tools

  • 24/7 monitoring & alerts of compromised credentials, out-of-date software, vulnerabilities, & new risks
  • Free Security Awareness Training for the first 15 employees
  • Ransomware prevention software
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • HackerOne Response – ethical hackers enlisted to find vulnerabilities
  • 24/7/365 dedicated team of cybersecurity experts available to assist policyholders at all times

In-House Incident Response Team

  • Coalition is the only cyber insurance provider with a dedicated 24/7 incident response and claims team
  • No more waiting for insurers to coordinate and authorize resources—with Coalition, they’re instantly available
  • Saves policyholders time, money & headaches

Agency Billed

  • Commissions start at 10%, increasing incrementally to 15% as the agency’s book increases
  • Agency is invoiced for gross premium
  • Surplus Lines filings handled by Big ‘I’ Markets

Agent Resources & Marketing

  • Sample Solicitation Letters
  • Client Ready Industry Specific Marketing
  • Claim and Limit Calculators


Independent Market Solutions

IMS provides market access to IIAG members at no additional charge

hrough association membership, helping agents who are unable to secure company appointments for any number of reasons grow their business through competitive commissions and a clear pathway to direct appointment.

Access to IMS is available at no charge to Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia members.

Not a member? Join!

Appointments are based on mutually beneficial and profitable relationships, and no appointments are guaranteed.

IMS-Georgia Participating Carriers

Personal Lines
Heritage InsuranceJIBNAProgressiveTravelers

Commercial Lines
AttuneJIBNAProgressiveRMS HospitalityV3 Insurance


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Programs AvailableBusiness Owners Policy (BOP), Workers' Compensation, Excess Liability The BOP is on Blackboard Insurance Company (AIG) and the Excess is on New Hampshire Insurance Company (AIG) paper. The WC is on Employers Insurance Company paper

Commission RateBOP and Excess-15% new business, 15% renewal
WC- 10% new business and 8% renewal

Market AvailabilityAttune is now writing new BOP+ business in Georgia as well as Workers’ Compensation and Excess Liability.



Programs AvailableHomeowners (HO3), Condo (HO6) , Dwelling Fire (DP3) and Commercial General Liability

Commission RateHomeowners (HO3), Condo (HO6) , Dwelling Fire (DP3) - 15% New and 15% Renewal

Market AvailabilityMost counties are currently open. However, some zip codes are closed around the northern Atlanta area.

Qualifying agents must demonstrate:

  1. established books of business with three year profitable loss runs
  2. minimum of five new business applications per month


Programs AvailablePersonal Jewelry

Commission Rate20% on new business (fully complete submissions)
10% on renewals and endorsements
Market AvailabilityAvailable in all states and DC (approved but currently not writing in Kentucky)
Individual item limit $500,000; Schedules $2.5 million (higher limits available)
Minimum premium $50 (Worldwide coverage)
No blanket coverage
Special perils (All Risk) coverage including mysterious disappearance
No-deductible standard coverage (100/250/500/1000 available)
Exposure rated
Older appraisals (typed) acceptable



Programs AvailablePersonal Auto w/ proof of prior auto ins, no lapse in coverage and HO NEW: 12%
Personal Auto w/ proof of prior auto ins, no lapse in coverage and HO REN: 8%
Personal Auto w/ proof of prior auto ins, no lapse in coverage and No HO NEW: 10%
Personal Auto w/ proof of prior auto ins, no lapse in coverage and No HO REN: 8%
Personal Auto w/ No proof of prior auto ins and No HO NEW: 8%
Personal Auto w/ No proof of prior auto ins and No HO REN: 6%
Motorcycle NEW: 13%
Motorcycle REN: 8%
Boat NEW: 8%
Boat REN: 8%
Recreational Vehicle NEW: 8%
Recreational Vehicle REN: 8%
Commercial Auto NEW: 8%
Commercial Auto REN: 8%
Market AvailabilityAgents must write two policies per month.
Must be in good standing with Progressive
Must not have been previously terminated by Progressive
Applicant must operate and maintain a storefront or retail location for their operation



Programs AvailableGeneral Liability, Liquor Liability & Assault & Battery for Hospitality Risks are written with Clear Blue Specialty and United National Group. Franchise Food General Liability and Property plus WC are written with Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance.

Commission RateClear Blue Specialty General Liability 10% new and 10% renewal.
United National General Liability 10% new and 10% renewal.
Crum & Forster General Liability, Property and WC 10% new business and 10% renewal.

Market AvailabilityGeneral Liability, Liquor Liability & Assault & Battery for Hospitality Risks is available in all states except for VT and the District of Columbia DC. The Franchise Food package is written in all 50 states.


Programs Available(Personal Lines Only) Automobile, Homeowners, Specialty Lines

Commission RateAuto – up to 10% New and Renewal
Home/Landlord – up to 13% New and Renewal
Specialty Lines – Varies depending on product. Available upon Request
Market AvailabilityYears in the industry 5+ years
Years in agency 2+ years
Agency has a personal lines focus
Agency preferably has/follows a formal written business plan
Agency management system in place
Active website and social media presence required
Commitment to paperless on all new business
Agency committed to using Travelers Customer Care Center(CCC) Program
Profitable with current carriers
Account rounded focus – minimum of 6+ policies a month with Travelers



Programs AvailableThe V3iconnect Comp Program is a state of the art internet Based Workers’ Compensation program designed for single and multi-state risk with full on-line quote and bind capabilities.

Small to medium sized employers, With premium ranges between $5,000.00-$200,000.00 .
V3 accepts New Ventures in all industries other than Construction.
Experience mods between 0.75 and 1.69 - other mod ranges is a referral
Wide range of industries including but not limited to construction, servicing and manufacturing

Commission RateCommission rate is 8% new and renewal

Market AvailabilityThe is a nationwide program that is available in all states except Alabama



Personal Lines

Affluent Package



Collector Car

Condo (HO6)

Dwelling Fire

Dwelling Non-Standard

Homeowners (HO3)

Homeowners Rental Coverage



Personal Articles Floater

Personal Umbrella

Personal Watercraft

Recreational Marine

Recreational Vehicle

Renters (HO4)

Travel Insurance


MetLife, Progressive, Safeco, Travelers





Details on Big "I" Markets Website


LexShare Home Rental Coverage

Jewelers Mutual, JIBNA


Details on Big "I" Market Website

MetLife, Travelers

MetLife, Travelers

ACE Recreational Marine

National Interstate Insurance, Progressive


Travel Insured International

Commercial Lines


Business Owners Policy

Commercial Auto

Community Banks

Employment Practices Liability

Excess Liability

Franchised Hotel Package

General Liability

Highly Protected Risks


Workers' Compensation

Details on Big "I" Markets Website

Attune, Blackboard Insurance Co. (AIG)


Travelers SelectOne

A.J. Wayne & Associates


Attune, New Hampshire Insurance Co. (AIG)



RMS Hospitality Group

Attune, Employers Insurance Co., V3 Insurance


Ashley Bryant

Member Services Coordinator

770-458-0093 ext. 110

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